If your photos and videos are disorganized, PhotoStructure can help bring some order to your chaos.

If your photos and videos are scattered across many different disks and memory cards, you might have duplicate files, you'd really like everything to be organized into one, tidy place, and you have enough free disk space in your library directory, choose "Yes, please copy my photos and videos into my PhotoStructure Library" when you're setting up PhotoStructure:

Screenshot from PhotoStructure's welcome page 

Here's what happens when you choose "Yes":

  • PhotoStructure will de-duplicate photos and videos automatically.
  • Photos and videos already found in your library will remain in their current location.
  • New photos and videos will be copied into date-stamped folders, like 2019/2019-05-01.
  • Different files taken on the same day that share the same name will be given a unique number suffix.
  • Your library will need to be on a disk with enough free space to store all your photos and videos.

If you choose "No," files on your hard drives will remain where they are.

Photo by Edgar Chaparro.