PhotoStructure is designed for million-asset libraries, so you shouldn't need to switch between libraries in most cases.

If you want to have a couple separate libraries, though, you certainly can.

Click the tray icon, and pick "Preferences...". Scroll down to the Library path, and enter a new (or previously existing) PhotoStructure Library directory.

When you click "Save", PhotoStructure will close the currently-open library, and open a new library in that directory.

Keep in mind a couple things:

  • Opening a new directory will not copy over prior assets. If it's a new directory, the library will be empty.
  • If that directory had previously been a PhotoStructure library, all the assets in that library will now be visible.
  • If both libraries are set to import from all drives automatically, you'll end up copying every one of your photos and videos twice.

Photo by Ross Findon